We are Another Chance ACA, an in-person group from Kitchener, Ontario. To answer WSO's 7th Tradition Appeal made in 2023, our group came together and organized an event called ACA Day which we held on April 29th 2023.

Over 50 ACAs came together in-person to grow in their recovery and contribute to WSO. We hosted three speakers who shared their experience, strength and hope. We sold art made by ACAs, had countless pieces of literature fly off the shelves, and connected with one another. We laughed, cried and grew; it was a beautiful experience for all involved.

Through the event, we raised CA$3,600 for WSO. We hope that this amount goes toward helping adult children who are still suffering attain even a slice of the beauty we were able to experience together through ACA Day.

We are grateful for the immensely passionate support of those groups & individuals from across Canada and the US that helped make this event happen, and hope to run another one in the future.

We may run another ACA Day in the autumn/winter of 2024, depending on the availability of our organizers. You can contact for more information if you are curious.

- Another Chance ACA